Commercial Leasing

In recent years Gurgaon has experienced a rise in the real estate sector as most business houses are trying to acquire a commercial property in Gurgaon for their sophisticated offices, making the city the commercial hub of India. This city is in close vicinity of the international airport, which has made it the apple of the eyes of foreign investors and many industry giants. With the rise of industries, offices, shops and shopping malls, the need for the development of the residential properties in Gurgaon also surfaced. Hence, the builders are taking equal interest in developing residential complexes along with their commercial ventures to provide residing places to the work force who of these flourishing industries and MNCs in and around Gurgaon.

Location of the projects

Most of the commercial properties in Gurgaon and well located and are optimally connected with the other parts of the city and rest of the country. Hence, Gurgaon is now the new BPO and IT capital of India.

Facilities and Amenities of the Project

You can find shops, gift galleries, food courts, coffee shops and even pubs to hang out with your family and friends. Most commercial spaces have convenient multi-level parking for corporate, executives and even visitors. The most modernized fire extinguishers, water hose, alarm system; automatic water sprinklers can be found in all residential as well as commercial properties in Gurgaon. Proper and protected lighting and wiring systems are present throughout the buildings leaving absolutely no dark corners at all. Energy efficient and centrally controlled air conditioning system is present in almost all commercial towers. Efficient and safe management system is present for the entire building and there is ample back up support to complement it which would benefit.

Scope of the project
All sorts of commercial properties in Gurgaon are worth investing due to their locations, amenities and infrastructures. Though in recent years the Gurgaon properties have really claimed sky rocketing prices from their aspiring buyers but still the prospective return that the investors are eyeing did not stop them investing in the real estate sector in this part of the country. Investing in some Gurgaon properties, office space is a good idea.

Commercial Property in Gurgaon & Industrial Property in Gurgaon is no less. With world class trendy malls, corporate offices, banks and ATMs wending their corporate way into this town, property rates in Gurgaon are reaching a zenith.

Gurgaon is the new shining star in the real estate firmament! Investment in property in Gurgaon – commercial property in Gurgaon or residential property in Gurgaon – is the choice of the wise!

We help you lease any kind of commercial property in and all over Gurgaon.


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